Thank you to these folks who are moving the industry forward!

2019 Board of directors

  • Board President – Brian Michielson

  • Secretary – Patty Koenig:

  • Treasurer – John Mayer:

Board Members

  • Aaron Peper, Cedar Grove Cheese

  • Amber Tews, Tews Ewes

  • Persephone Allen, Forever Young Dairy

  • Steven Zajec

  • Norm Monsen, Advisor

About SDAW

The Sheep Dairy Association of Wisconsin (SDAW) formally organized on November 5, 2016 with the following driving objectives:

  • Promote improved efficiencies in dairy sheep production and processing by educating, supporting, and encouraging new and established sheep milk dairies, farmstead, and artisanal sheep milk cheese-makers.

  • Promote the cooperation and exchange of information among producers of sheep milk and cheese makers.

  • Promote the products manufactured from sheep milk throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

  • Help producers organize activities to assure ongoing improvements in the sheep dairy industry.

  • Inform and educate the public as to the merits and availability of sheep dairy products.

  • Help foster international understanding and the free exchange of ideas throughout the greater Wisconsin area and beyond.